Doctor Who, New Year's Day Special: Resolution (2019)

Doctor Who, New Year's Day Special: Resolution (2019)

Doctor Who

  • Genre: Sci-Fi & Fantasy
  • Release Date: 2019-01-01
  • Advisory Rating: TV-PG
  • Episodes: 9
  • iTunes Price: USD 3.99
  • iTunes HD Price: USD 4.99
From 1,429 Ratings


The feature episode will launch on iTunes on January 2, 2019. As the New Year begins, a terrifying evil is stirring from across the centuries of Earth’s history. As the Doctor, Ryan, Graham and Yaz return home, will they be able to overcome the threat to planet Earth?


Title Time Price
1 Resolution 1:00:05 Season Only Buy on iTunes
2 Trailer 00:32 Free Buy on iTunes
3 Happy Christmas from Doctor Who 01:59 Free Buy on iTunes
4 Doctor Who Cast Quickfire Questions 00:59 Free Buy on iTunes
5 New Year's Eve Countdown 00:44 Free Buy on iTunes
6 Season 11 Look Back 10:36 Season Only Buy on iTunes
7 Closer Look, Resolution 05:59 Season Only Buy on iTunes
8 The Making of Resolution 12:01 Season Only Buy on iTunes
9 Monster Feature 06:39 Season Only Buy on iTunes



  • What was the?Where did the writers go?

    By Anthony36us
    There was so much potential and promise to current Dr Who season and 'Christmas' special. Did all the good writers leave the show and the rest go on vacation? The first season with Jodie Whittaker was unimaginative. She was great, but the writers seemed to have been unable to produce good scripts for the actors. My guess is they mailed their scripts in and went on a long vacation. So now have a New Year's Special and not a Christmas Special, which was embassingly bad. When did the specials only last 1 hour? The writing/story was so bad I am not sure I want to go with season 12. Get better writers, who posess an imagination, and get a new companion. Keep Jodi and give her somthing good to work with, please. Been a Dr who fan since the 1970's.
  • Phenomenal holiday episode

    By Fiddle Buckets Jr.
    Somehow the new production team on this wonderful show have taken an old enemy of the Doctor, stripped it down to the bare essentials, and did what we always wish they could do - make them scary and formidable again. 1v1, the Doctor versus an alien. I love it! The whole new season has been a great reinvigoration of what makes Doctor Who great. This special episode is that same effort at the top of its game. Incredible work!
  • New Years Episode

    By Allgsmn
    Best episode of this new series. It had everything i want in a holiday episode of Dr. who: good cinematography, great addition to the lore, a few funny jokes, and all the interactions between the doctor and the dalek were well acted, written, and really gave the impression that they have that hatred of each other as opposing forces. There's also a new creepyness to the dalek that was kind of awesome. Honestly just fun to watch, glad i didn't miss it.
  • What is this

    By staggerstay
    I have been watching doctor who since the David Tennant time, i really enjoyed doctor who and i say enjoyed because Matt Smith was great and Peter Capaldi was phenomenal. Doctor Who now is not the way it used to be. They revealed the 13th doctor before the Christmas special with Peter Capaldi which ruined it. I am not a sexist but i will say Jodie is a wonderful person and it is great seeing a female play the role of a Doctor but don’t screw the script up like season 11. I was pretty upset with the work.
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    By دزثحغصً. 9 وظزحظً
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  • Terrible writing

    By Bjw2.0
    When I watched the trailer I’d thought ok galaxies deadliest enemy maybe they will do something different. They didn’t it was boring and it feels like they tried to play it safe, and like they ran out of time to come up with a good story. The series before the holiday special was poorly written as well wasn’t interesting. They have so many things they could of done they could have continued with the hybrid that wasn’t entirely closed out. There’s still the matter of missy wanting to speak to daveross in the previous season. They could have gotten a little more into the stenza. It just feels to much like hey friend time and not so much I will protect what is right. If your going to have this many characters your going to have to at least kill some of them off. If your wondering if you should buy this or not don’t save your money.

    By Cosmology geek
    Paid for the holiday special and there’s nothing there
  • Fire Chibnall NOW

    By Carteeg Struve
    I enjoy Jodie. I really do. However Chibnall has proven himself completely incompetent in both basic storytelling structure, continuity, and general logic progress when it comes to his writing. As a show-runner, he is even worse. Even RTD’s holiday specials were more enjoyable, as dumb as they got. Get rid of him. Jodie deserves better.
  • They are trying but I don’t think the writers or show runners ever watched Dr Who before

    By EL5150
    The show looks great minus over use of lense flair. They tried to connect some dots for an arc less season but it didn’t jive. Spin on the Dalek was interesting. Regarding Ryan’s father, I don’t think that the writers really know the Doctor. She would have tried to help Ryan and his Dad reconnect not just criticizing him about being a crappy father ( I mean there would have been criticism but it would have had a follow up on the importance of family, an how he should get on his hands and knees to apologize, yada yada yada). To me this ep seems to be a caricature of what they think a DrWho ep is. I want to like it...but I just can’t.
  • Praying to the Timelords above for the end to come soon!

    By fouchin
    I was really hoping after such a poor season that at least the special would be good, thanks to having Daleks in it. Nope, it was just as awful as the entire season. Clearly the show runner has no idea what the Daleks are. They are basically these frail awful evil creatures with extreme technology. However, this episode would have you believe that you can cut one into multiple parts. Then bury those parts in various parts of the globe, for centuries. And one single part when found, somehow magically calls the other parts to it instantly and they join right back together again like some kind of T-1000 Terminator. In addition, at the start of the episode they tell you a story of how a med evil army defeated this T-1000 with swords and arrows. But later in the episode the Dalek makes itself a new shell presumably from scratch. And a modern day army with guns and tanks couldn't make a dent in the thing. But the Doctor manages to fry the dalek inside its shell using parts from a microwave. Its time for this social experiment to end, PLEASE! Just do an off camera regeneration and start fresh next season. Trust me, no one except the biased critics will be upset if you do.